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Hand Pallet Wrap

Ultimate Stretch wrap pack shot

Reduced cost per pallet

Ultimate Stretchwrap is manufactured from the next generation multi-layer extruded films. Ultimate Stretch wrap allows the end user a reduction in cost per pallet wrapped without compromising pallet stability. There will also be a reduction in the amount of packaging waste tax to be paid when comparing Ultimate Stretch wrap to standard 17 and 20 micron films.

Environmentally Friendly

Ultimate Stretch Wrap gives all of the environmental benefits arising from thinner films including lower waste disposal costs for end users. Ultimate stretch wrap lowers the end users carbon footprint without compromising holding force.

Strong and Secure

Ultimate Stretch wrap has a much higher puncture resistance than other standard films. With a new legislation being introduced in Europe the end users must ensure that each pallet is secure during transportation. Ultimate stretch wrap will ensure that if used correctly that each pallet will be secure and will pass the holding force tests.

Machine Pallet Wrap

Ultimate Stretch machine pallet wrap

Ultimate machine pallet wrap demonstrations

During our demonstration we will show you the following:

  • One of our technicians will wrap your pallet using your current film, cut the film off and weigh it.
  • They will then wrap the pallet in exactly the same way using the next generation Ultimate pallet wrap, making sure that the pack retention, puncture resistance and holding force is being achieved and as before cut the film off and weigh it.
  • The technician will then multiply the weight of the wrap by the price that you currently pay, giving you a price per pallet wrapped. This is the true cost and is a more accurate measure than the price per tonne which can be clouded by different core weights and eliminates other dubious activity.
  • They will then multiply the weight of the Ultimate pallet wrap by our price per tonne, giving you our price per pallet wrapped.
  • Ultimate pallet wrap has shown customers up to 60% savings.

If you are happy with the results that you are shown and place an order we will make sure that the film is setup and running smoothly to take away any doubts that you may have and to ensure that all of our projected savings are fully substantiated.


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